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Weather Radar Systems

As a complete supplier of high technology weather information systems Morcom is your best source for high –quality cost-efficient weather radars. Our systems provide the first line of defense in alerting the population against the threat of imminent thunderstorms or severe weather. In addition to the ability of predicting the initiation of thunderstorms, weather radars also provide the following critical services:

  • Location of Weather Fronts
  • Tornado Warning
  • Macroburst and Microburst Detection
  • Wind Shift Forecasts
  • Weather Impacted Airspace Warnings
  • Prediction of Potential Precipitation Levels

This information is critical to governments, electrical power companies, civil aviation authorities, civil defense organizations, schools, news and media organizations, and the military.

Morcom offers X-Band and C-Band Radars, we also provide complete siting, design, installation and commissioning services.

X-Band RadarsX-Band Radars

X-Band radars can be used advantageously in both urban and regional scales, or as a gap filler in an existing network. Morcom offers both single polarization and dual polarization X-Band Weather Radars. Our single polarization solution is the WR-10X and is an affordable solution for basic applications. It can be installed in fixed locations or it can be adapted to a mobile configuration.

Our most advanced dual-polarization X-Band Radar is the WR-25XP which is a dual polarization Doppler radar. It is the ideal instrument for the most advanced hydro-meteorological applications and for medium scale civil protection uses. It can also be used to monitor convective phenomena associated with severe atmospheric events that are particularly dangerous for air navigation. The use of differential parameters obtained thanks to the dual polarization technology and the sophisticated analysis software that we supply allow an accurate classification of the hydrometeors allowing the forecaster to determine whether it is rain, hail, or snow.

C – Band RadarsC-Band Radars

Morcom has teamed up with Vaisala to offer the top of the line C-Band Weather Radars. With the better propagation characteristics, the C-Band radar allows a greater range than the X-Band radar. The trade-off being that the C-Band radar antenna is larger than the X-Band so they usually demand a higher investment. Back in 2004 Vaisala decided to team up with the University of Helsinki and Colorado State University (CSU) to design a state-of-the-art dual polarization C-Band weather radar. The antenna and feed were also specifically designed for dual polarization to provide better data quality using a beam width of less than 10 and a reflector measuring 4.5 meters across. The pedestal is a lightweight design to maximize data availability and simplify maintenance. The belt drive mechanisms in the pedestal for azimuth and elevation movements are controlled by smart software to provide quick acceleration and deceleration to pinpoint the antenna. The result was a revolutionary new radar: A high quality, high performance antenna together with the world leading Sigmet signal processors and IRIS application software ensure high radar data quality that meets even the most stringent requirements of dual polarization applications of the most demanding customers.

Key application areas for the new dual-polarization C-Band weather radar units include:

  • Hail detection
  • Lightning hazard potential forecasting
  • Highway snow removal
  • Wind Shear Alert for Air Navigation
  • Airport terminal operation
  • Rain/snow line demarcation
  • Melting height detection
  • Weather modification for hail mitigation
  • Insurance claims verification
  • Hydrological modeling.

There are two C-Band radars that we offer, the WRM100 which is single polarization C-Band radar (upgradable to dual polarization) and the WRM200 which is the top of the line dual polarization model.

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