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Morcom leverages its expertise in wireless communications to offer a rich portfolio of connectivity solutions from Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for both cellular and public safety applications to Private LTE Systems. A Morcom representative will assist you in identifying the right technology for your needs.
Commercial and Residential Real Estate

The requirement for 4G and 5G indoor cellular connectivity is a necessity. Most cities and countries now require the installation of a Public Safety DAS for code compliance. In addition, the advent of IoT and Smart Building technologies necessitates reliable wireless connectivity for indoor use. Morcom has designed and deployed dozens of in-building wireless solutions for office buildings and mixed-used development projects.
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In today's hospitals, ubiquitous wireless connectivity is a requirement. Doctors, nurses, patients, visitors, and medical personnel all require high bandwidth and high-speed connectivity across the hospital. Neutral Host Cellular DAS and Wi-Fi coverage systems are frequently used in today's hospitals. Morcom International can design and implement a HIPAA-compliant system to meet your specific requirements.
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Smart Cities and Smart Buildings

Smart cities use technologies that enable collaboration. Communities can share sensor data and leverage from a common IP-based communications infrastructure. Wireless broadband provides the required high-speed connectivity and is a verified solution that can be deployed at a fraction of the cost and time of fiber or wired connectivity. Our Private LTE and backhaul solutions can be used for Automatic Metering Infrastructure, Critical Infrastructure monitoring, Digital Signs, Fire station connectivity, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), Parking Lot Automation, Public Wi-Fi connectivity, Traffic Control, Video Surveillance, and other applications.
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Shipping ports and rail yards are prime use cases for private LTE networks. Trucks are constantly moving, while vehicles stay in a defined area and do not interact with other vehicles. Asset tracking, routing, and equipment monitoring are all potential use cases for CBRS networks in a controlled environment transportation hub. The networks can enable automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to transport freight without employing a driver.
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Because of our strong technical background and our highly experienced staff, we not only offer top quality state of the art equipment, but also complete integrated systems. In this way, we can provide a service that is unique in the industry because it's tailored to our customer's needs.

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