Broadband Wireless Communications

Broadband Wireless Communications
Broadband Wireless Communications
Rapid advances in technology and regulations have opened up opportunities for wireless broadband connectivity anytime/anywhere.

Rapid technological and regulatory advancements have made wireless broadband connectivity available at any time and anywhere. Morcom's approach to technology and equipment vendors allows us to provide the right solutions for each client.

Morcom specializes in private LTE Networks, turn-key CBRS solutions, indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi coverage, point-to-point (PTP), and point-to-multipoint (PTMP) microwave links. We take pride in our capability to provide customized solutions for each client. 

Over the years, we have provided our services and innovative solutions for a variety of applications:

  • Federal Government
  • Schools
  • Airport Administrations
  • Hospitals and Other Public Facilities
Broadband Wireless Communications. 

Whatever broadband application is required for your network, Morcom can deliver the most value for your end-users and subscribers. The services we offer include:

RF Planning and Design

  • System planning, design and deployment
  • Field survey and analysis
  • RF measurement and coverage verification
  • RF propagation modeling

Wireless Network Architecture, Design and Engineering

  • Spectrum planning and analysis (licensed and unlicensed)
  • Network connectivity, topology and reliability design
  • Network management and integration

Program Management & Deployment

  • Procurement and logistics
  • Zoning analysis, application and approval
  • Installation and provisioning
  • Construction management
  • Technical support

Morcom maintains a highly qualified staff with years of experience in RF technologies and systems. Our engineers hold multiple certifications by various vendors such as Redline, Proxim Wireless, Cambium Networks, Teldrad, and others. Contact us to request more information or discuss your project.

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