Contract Vehicles

Contract Vehicles (Markets)
As a government agency, you can access Morcom’s portfolio of DAS and Private LTE solutions as well as specialized RF engineering and support services via easy-to-use contract vehicles.
GSA # GS-35F-026DA
GSA MAS IT Schedule

Contract # GS-35F-026DA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)  
Morcom can provide UHF-AM Transceivers, specialized receivers, CBRS broadband private LTE radios, and RF services to Federal Agencies under this contract.
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Virginia Cooperative Purchasing Program

Morcom can provide Private LTE (CBRS) systems, RF engineering, and technical services. The Virginia Public Procurement Act is used by any public entity in Virginia, including counties, government/state agencies, political subdivisions, schools, etc.

Because of our strong technical background and our highly experienced staff, we not only offer top quality state of the art equipment, but also complete integrated systems. In this way, we can provide a service that is unique in the industry because it's tailored to our customer's needs.

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