Utility Company Solutions

Utility Company Solutions (Markets)
Wireless communications systems are an essential part of the efficient operation of power plants, water utility companies, sewage maintenance plants, wind power facilities and oil rigs. Morcom has extensive experience in working with utility companies to deploy a variety of wireless solutions.
Water Treatment Plants

Water authorities across the country operate various facilities, including water treatment plants, pumping stations, and distribution stations. It is not uncommon for equipment or work areas to be located in underground facilities. Our Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) can provide reliable public safety, two-way radio, and cellular communications in these underground facilities. 
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Power Plants

The generation of electricity is critical to survival in any populated area. Power plants have relied on hard-wired connectivity for in-planet personnel communication and efficient monitoring of their various sensors and devices. However, voice and data technologies are no longer adequate for on-site mobile communications and lack broadband data capabilities. These technologies are incompatible with video conferencing, Push-To-Video, or connecting thousands of sensors and machines.

To overcome these limitations and maximize the potential of power plant digitization projects, plant operators can deploy their own high-capacity, high-speed mobile Private LTE Networks.

Private LTE helps you realize tangible benefits, such as:

  • Digitizing processes (digital workforce management)
  • Increasing physical security with video surveillance and cognitive analytics
  • Enhancing team collaboration and extending their capabilities
  • Ensuring employee safety and monitoring their wellbeing
  • What are the advantages of Private LTE? Ethernet is reliable, but costly and inflexible. Wi-Fi is cheap but inconsistent, Wi-Fi’s popularity makes security an issue as well. However, Private LTE networks can support both human and machine communications on a single, reliable network. You get wide area coverage, huge bandwidth, natural mobility, and a single network that can support voice, mobile broadband, and IoT Internet of Things devices.

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Wind Farms

The significance of industrial-grade private wireless connectivity increases as wind power projects grow in turbine size and migrate further offshore. Wind Farm employees require a network that allows them to work safely and creatively during wind turbine construction and operation. This connectivity enables the transfer of vast amounts of data for digital workflows, the implementation of IoT-based predictive maintenance, and enhanced voice and video communications. Ultimately, pervasive and seamless broadband connectivity contributes significantly to the wind farm's functionality and productivity. Morcom's Private LTE Networks can operate in various bands depending on the Wind Farm's location.
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Nuclear Material Treatment Plants

Surplus or depleted nuclear material must be treated to be reused or stored safely. Plants designed to treat uranium or plutonium rely on industrial-chemical processes to accomplish their mission. These plants are located in buildings made of hardened materials and formidable structures. This type of construction is required for the facility's primary mission. Morcom International has designed and supplied various Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to nuclear material treatment plants. These are robust systems that are designed to withstand severe weather and seismic vibration.
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Because of our strong technical background and our highly experienced staff, we not only offer top quality state of the art equipment, but also complete integrated systems. In this way, we can provide a service that is unique in the industry because it's tailored to our customer's needs.

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