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Voice Communications Switch
Voice Communications Switch
We offer the most advanced solutions for VoiceCommunications for ground-to-air communications.

As air travel resumes, airport operators, airlines, and other users must implement reliable, proven solutions to ensure highly reliable communications in the twenty-first century. We offer the most advanced Voice Communications solutions for ground-to-air communications.

The Voice Communications Switch (VCS) is the heart of any ground-to-air communications system. It connects the operators or controllers to the aircraft's VHF and UHF aeronautical radios. The VCS is designed to operate 24/7 with no downtime. Morcom has partnered with Frequentis AG, to distribute their world-class switches. Whether you need a small 2-position solution or you are equipping a major air traffic control hub with dozens of operator positions, Morcom is the place to go.


The International CivilAviation Organization (ICAO) has defined certain technical standards to make it feasible for air navigation service providers (ANSPs) around the world to use digital voice communications, or Voice over IP communications. This technical standard is known as ED-137 (and its various designations A, B, C etc.).

ED-137 compliant systems must be interoperable regardless of the manufacturer or the type of equipment. As a result, an ED-137B compliant voice switch (VCS) from manufacturer A must comply compliant with an ED-137B VHF radio from manufacturer B.

There are several other aspects that ED-137 considers as well such as:

  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Supervision
  • Security
  • Allowing aviation specific modes such as CLIMAX (requires Time Stamping) PTT (Push-to-Talk)
  • PTT (Push-to-Talk)

Morcom offers the CRU995 Gateway. This device has multiple applications. It can be used to connect legacy systems to new ED-137 compliant IP systems. For example, a legacy VCS that uses E&M-type connections can be connected to ED-137 IP-type radio transmitters and receivers. An IP-type VCS can be connected to legacy analog radios. The CRU995 is an excellent tool to help you migrate to a fully digital VoIP system gradually without having to discard fully functional equipment.

What follows is a detailed explanation on how the CRU995 can help you fulfill specific applications:

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