Two-way Radios

Two-way Radios
Two Way Radios
For almost 40 years Morcom has offered a complete selection of professional use two-way radio products (2 way radios) for use in public-safety, industry, security, aviation, and marine applications.

Morcom's dependability is recognized in the two-way radio industry. Our customers include the United States Government, fire departments, counties, and large corporations. Morcom offers complete technical support for the brands that we sell.

The major brands that we carry are:

Icom's reputation in the amateur radio field has been recognized for many years. Icom manufactures a variety of two-way radio equipment, including land-mobile radios, aviation radios, and marine radios. If you need a superior aviation radio, marine radio, scanner, or surveillance receiver, Icom has a product for you.

Tait radios are specifically designed for public safety providers, delivering dependability and interoperability. Tait’s radios are an excellent option for integrated communications solutions used by utilities and fossil fuel companies.

DAMM Radio Systems offers a professional two-way radio communications solution. Utility companies, railways, airports, and local governments can now create a radio network using the DMR or Tetra technology.

The DAMM base station features multiple technologies in a single core-connected system: TETRA, DMR Tier III, TEDS and Analog. This solution features multiple carriers and frequency sharing in one box that can operate in the UHF or VHF frequency ranges.

No longer will you need to worry where to house your remote radio stations.Whether in a mountain top or in the middle of a city the radio can be installed outdoors. Thus, the tower or mast is all you need. Call us to discuss your needs and design the solution that works for you.

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