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Weather Forecasting Systems & Equipment

Morcom International, Inc. is one of the best known suppliers of advanced weather systems for use by meteorological institutions, research organizations, aviation authorities, and schools. We supply the most modern systems and software for receiving images from all NOAA satellites like GOES (to receive the current GVAR transmissions and the future GRB from the upcoming GOES-R satellites), POES, and other weather satellites like GMS and METEOSAT. If your needs include higher resolution capabilities, we can also provide you a complete and fully integrated bundle to receive the X and L Band EOS DB data and process it to level 0, including Terra, Aqua, MODIS, METOP, NPP, FY1, FY3, and JPSS.

Weather Forecasting Systems

Weather forecasting depends on the immediate availability of reliable data. Thus it is critical for meteorological centers to have state of the art telecommunications systems. Morcom is a world leader in the supply of telecommunications systems specifically designed for the ingestion, processing, and dissemination of weather data. Whether you are looking to automate data distribution in your meteorological center with a Meteorological Switching System (MSS), or you need a way to publish weather data and graphics to the web, or for a system that will allow you to produce your own weather segment for TV, we have a solution for you. Morcom offers a complete range of solutions specifically designed for meteorological services, aviation authorities, port or airport operators, and broadcasters.

Our company specializes in complete turn-key systems that offer a cost-effective professional solution to the user. From our satellite image receiving systems to our aeronautical display terminals Morcom products are dependable and easy to operate.

For more details on these systems download our Weather Information Systems brochure or select a link below:

If you are interested in marine weather and alert products, Morcom can also help you. Our company owns the “Alden Weather Systems” brand that includes Navtex, receivers, EPIRBs and SARTS’. Please click on the link below for more information:

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