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Radio Surveillance and Intelligence

Radio surveillance and intelligenceThe professional user or government organization that has a need for monitoring the radio frequency spectrum will find that Morcom has the right equipment for this type of application. Morcom, is a distributor of the Winradio/Radixon line of computer-based wide-band radio communications receivers and complete receiver systems for a variety of government and amateur applications. Our standard and custom-designed receivers are used by military, law enforcement, industry and communications professionals, as well as by radio enthusiasts around the world. In addition, we offer custom tailored solutions and systems.

We welcome inquiries from system integrators that want to use our receivers or tuners in their own solutions for RF surveillance or analysis.

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• PC Based Receivers

• Multichannel Surveillance and Monitoring Systems

• Direction Finding (DF) Systems

Download our surveillance systems brochure:

Surveillance Systems Brochure Surveillance Systems Brochure

ICOM surveillance ReceiversMorcom also offers the complete line of ICOM surveillance Receivers such as the IC-R9500, IC-R8500, IC-R75 and the portables IC-R20, and IC-R6.

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