Design, install and commission a state of the art Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

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Design, install and commission a state of the art Distributed Antenna System (DAS)
Design, install and commission a state of the art Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Politics Aside - Trump Hotel

It is ironic that in this Election year Morcom worked at the newest Trump Hotel for a good portion of 2016. Located at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW  in Washington DC, the Trump Hotel hosted its soft opening Monday September 12, 2016. The hotel is the ultimate luxury hotel in the capital city        and is within walking distance of the White House. As the Washington Post mentioned in a recent article “The $212 million ultra-luxury hotel boasts many of Trump’s signature extravagances: $1,000-a-night rooms, gold-encrusted bathrooms and Washington’s largest suite — called, of course, the Trump Townhouse. A crystal-chandelier bar in the nine-story atrium serves wine by the spoon and offers daily champagne saberings, in which bottles are opened by sword”. The epitome of luxury and power.

Our task was to design, install and commission a state        of the art Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to ensure that all of the Public Safety radio-dispatch signals are properly propagated throughout every        hallway, room, and every little compartment -no matter how small- of this hotel. The system uses an outdoor donor antenna installed on the roof        to pick up the radio signals from the police and fire dispatch centers and then distribute them throughout all the indoor spaces of the hotel.        To accomplish this mission, our system uses a powerful RF signal booster, also known as a BDA (Bidirectional Amplifier) to amplify the signals        and then feed a network of cables and antennas cleverly disguised throughout the hotel. Morcom used RF modeling to design the system prior to the        installation and a very experienced crew of top-notch technicians and engineers to build and test the system. DAS systems have become mandatory        across the nation after 9/11. They are the silent guardians that make sure that -in case of an emergency- the first responders will be able to        communicate with their dispatchers and with each other when they are inside any venue even in the worst possible scenarios. These systems can help        avoid catastrophes like the one that occurred in Ney York city when the first responders lost communications as they went into the Twin Towers.

We don’t get into politics but we are amused at the attention this new venue has been receiving, especially these last few days. For us, it is just        another job where we can have the satisfaction that our work has been useful and where our engineer’s creativity and ingenuity have resulted in        a successful and well deployed technical solution which provides a very critical service to society.

For more information on Public Service DAS solutions call us at 1-800-683-4101

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