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Messir-Media is the complete television weather solution for broadcasters and institutional producers of TV weather segments in an affordable yet high-package. Messir-Media enables your weather segment to be created efficiently, while incorporating up-to-date information with spectacular graphics. Graphics production is automated, freeing up valuable graphics department resources. The weather segment of your show can then be played out via a presenter held wireless control or other types of automated triggers. Graphics, scripting and playout all takes place in a single Windows XP or Vista based hardware package.

Messir-MediaWith Messir-Media, only 30 minutes are necessary, from the very beginning of the production process until the effective on-air broadcast of the produced weather show, including spectacular 3D Fly rendering.

Messir-Media provides the most user-friendly environment of the market thanks to its unique, fully modular interface. All necessary functions are gathered on a single screen. The various menus are divided into entirely distinct units, giving the user a logically organized and easy to user interface and thus improving work comfort.

Some of the features of this unique product are:

  • Automation of all weather information screens from live data sources
  • Simple sequencer and replay functions for creation, saving, editing and playback of graphics sequences
  • Capable of combining imagery, animation and text into single high quality graphical screens
  • Add audio and AVI or MPEG movie files into the program
  • Real-time transition effects including wipe, push, slide and fade
  • Wireless remote control allows the presenter to change scenes from the studio set
  • Can also be operated in an automated mode, playing through a set of menu graphics on a repeated time sequence.
  • Video inputs/outputs include composite, component, synch, key channel and preview
  • Data is continuously delivered via an FTP connection from public sources


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