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Two-Way Radios

For more than 34 years Morcom has offered a complete selection of professional use two-way radio products (2 way radios) for use in public-safety, industry, security, aviation, and marine applications. Our company's reliability is recognized in the industry, and we offer full technical service and support for the brands that we carry. Our customers include the U.S. Government, fire departments, counties, and major corporations like Boeing and Harris.

In the current environment where connectivity and interoperability are features key for public safety and other critical applications Morcom has the best solution for you. We offer a range of interoperability and radio-over-IP (RoIP) solutions. Whether you need VHF, UHF, P-25, Tetra or other type of inter-connectivity we have the solution.

The major brands that we carry are:

Motorola is a global leader in providing integrated communications and outstanding wireless communications solutions. Morcom International, Inc. is pleased to offer Motorola radio products exclusively for the Domestic U.S. market. When it comes to public safety, police, and other critical networks, Motorola offers an unparalleled range of products that includes handheld radios, mobile radios, and base stations.

Icom's reputation in the amateur radio field has been recognized for many years. Today, Icom manufactures a line of two way radio equipment that includes land-mobile radios, aviation radios, and marine radios. If you need a good quality aviation radio, marine radio, scanner or surveillance receiver then Icom has a model for you. Please contact us to check on the model most appropriate for your application.

Tait - These radios are specially designed for public safety providers - delivering reliability, dependability, functionality and interoperability. Tait's radios are also an excellent choice for integrated communications solutions used by utilities and oil and gas companies.

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