Critical Wireless Communications and
Weather Information Systems

Meteorological Telecommunications Systems

Availability of timely weather data, images, and graphics is critical for effective weather forecasting. Morcom offers the MESSIR family of products for the professional weather user. This family of products comprises the most popular and reliable applications developed by our partner Corobor Systemes and implemented by Morcom in order to satisfy each individual customer’s requirements.

Messir Comm

Messir-Comm is a GTS Meteorological Message Switching System. More than a simple GTS Switch, Messir-Comm is also a multi-purpose Meteorological Telecommunication System, open to all the new telecommunication means and data formats. It is capable of:

  • Automatic Message Reception and Distributions of valid WMO and ICAO formatted messages.
  • Connect to all types of subscribers
  • Switch all types of data products (SYNOP, TEMP, METAR, GRIB, T4-DFAX, BUFR… etc.)
  • Switch image type products (satellite, radar, etc.)
  • Integrated Web Server
  • Full Integration with Pre-Flight Briefing Systems
  • AFTN Gateway

Messir-Comm covers the whole range of Meteorological Message Switching Systems, from the powerful Duplicated Server capable of handling very heavy traffic applications, to the PC-based light system handling a dozen of circuits.

Messir-Comm Meteorlogical

Messir Vision

Consists of a complete weather forecasting workstation system for use by weather and aviation professionals. It can receive its data from any compatible source such as WAFS/ISCS, GTS, MSG, Ethernet LAN, the Internet etc. Messir Vision integrates a vast amount of data into a single system providing the forecaster with a wide range of tools to display, manipulate, and combine this data in graphical or text form. The system also allows the user to produce his own charts using both, real-time data and forecasts. Check out Messir Vision's unique capabilities:Messir Vision

  • Instant access to different areas, levels, and times for various parameters
  • Data and graphic overlay capabilities
  • Vertical cross sections, zooming, and looping functions
  • Generation of contours and streamline

Morcom can supply complete turnkey systems to be used as RX only or RX/TX terminals for the ISCS network including the parabolic antenna, satellite receiver, and workstation. For more information, click here.

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