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Wireless Technologies and Smart Cities

The rollout of new wireless technologies like 5G and CBRS has accelerated the use of the wireless spectrum for commercial and industrial applications beyond the traditional use – as for cellphones. Wireless has now become a key element for the mass deployment of novel applications like the Internet of Things (IoT), or Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, and Public Safety.

Smart cities are already being built from the inside out, with many smart buildings and venues popping up across the United States. These venues use various wireless devices together to monitor traffic, control lighting, monitor energy usage, HVAC and many other applications. Wireless technologies are enabling these types of IoT connections and many more with its ultra-fast speeds. It is estimated that by 2022, 70% of wide-area IoT devices will use some type of wireless technology. This change, however, will not be possible without network densification that addresses 5G’s connectivity challenges.

Current events have demonstrated how unforeseen events, like hurricanes, an earthquake, a pandemic and other types of natural disasters will require wide sectors of the population to work or study from home. The density and bandwidth of wireless networks has to expand in order to accommodate these new requirements.

Morcom is at the forefront of this drive. The company has developed skills and experience in rolling out and providing support services for the state-of-the-art Smart City projects. We believe that users as diverse as cities, building owners, hospitals, stadium, and shopping centers can believe greatly from wireless IoT technologies. In the near future many activities, tasks, and data collection will be done best wirelessly. A company like Morcom can assist you in developing your project or idea, we have years of experience designing and deploying wireless networks and infrastructure. The time is ripe for new ideas in the implementation and use of these technologies.

The following activities will benefit from wireless technologies such as 5G, CBRS and IEEE 802.11ac:

  • Waste management
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Noise monitoring
  • Traffic congestion
  • Smart parking
  • Smart lighting
  • Environmental monitoring (air pollution, water quality)
  • Healthcare
  • Healthy living
  • Smart meters
  • Video surveillance

Smart-Light-Pole installed in the Herndon, Smart-City Project. Notice the integrated antenna atop the pole.

Underground vault houses the equipment.

For more information on Smart-Cities, Smart-Buildings or IoT projects contact Morcom at or at 1-800-683-4101.

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