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Aeronautical Support Systems - ATIS & VOLMET


As a company specializing in the aeronautical communications, Morcom is also a leader in the supply of ATIS (Airport Terminal Information Systems) and VOLMET (Meteorological information transmitted to aircraft in flight) systems.

Our E.ATIS system is a state of the art automatic system that converts selected meteorological products and air traffic control information into human speech. It uses the most modern technology in software and communication to ensure all the characteristics necessary for error free operation in the Airport environment. E.ATIS ( converts ATIS (VOLMET) messages, generated from a variety of sources (AFTN, AWOS, operator input, etc.), into clear and concise human speech for distribution to aircraft and ground stations. We offer complete systems solutions that also include the VHF radio transmitter, and if necessary, full redundancy. For the complete description of E.ATIS, please click here.

Digital ATIS (D-ATIS)Digital ATIS (D-ATIS)

Morcom is one of a few suppliers of Digital ATIS Systems available in the market. The Digital-Automatic Terminal Information Service (D-ATIS) is similar to the ATIS except that the information is transmitted to the aircraft in digital form (usually via ACARS). This presents several advantages over the traditional analog voice ATIS:

  • Available even in a busy VHF environment
  • Pilots don’t need to take notes of reported conditions
  • No need to spend time listening to the whole ATIS message
  • More comfortable work environment

Morcom’s system is compatible with most service providers (ARINC or SITA).

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