Aeronautical VHF & UHF Radios

VHF-AM Transceivers

Morcom offers the most complete line of VHF equipment for aeronautical ground-to-air communications. Whether your needs are for a simple VHF-AM handheld or mobile radio, or if your requirement involves a sophisticated VHF Multimode nation-wide network, you will find the solution here.

For portable VHF-AM communications we have available the excellent Icom units, such as the IC-A6 or IC-A14 which according to aeronautical VHF radio reviews are the most cost effective in the market. For the mobile radio category, the IC-A110 is the unit of choice. Capable of working from a 12 V, as well as a 24 V power source this mobile VHF radio features a 10 W output and outstanding reliability in demanding operational requirements.

If the application is for a professional VHF radio base station the DTR-100 is the natural option. A state-of-the-art VHF transceiver that was designed to be a flexible platform for air-to-ground communications, the DTR 100 can be totally software configured, either by a Local Management Terminal, or by a Remote Control and Monitoring System, to implement the following network configurations:

  • • Data only sub-networks for point to point connections (VDL Modes 1 or 2)
  • • Integrated voice and data networks (VDL Mode 3)
  • • VHF data networks for CNS/ATM applications (VDL Mode 4)

 VHF base radio unitThis VHF base radio unit covers the 108 to 137 MHz frequency range (extended frequency option available to 156 mHz) and has a maximum output power of 50 watts (programmable to a lower power). This unit is type accepted by the FCC and the telecommunication authorities of many other countries. For a detailed description of this radio you may click here to download a data sheet.

wide area ATN/VHF network system

For airlines, civil aviation authorities, and other customer that need a complete turnkey system, with advanced capabilities: remote control of multiple VHF radios, wide area ATN/VHF implementation, or VHF over VOIP networks Morcom can offer complete systems design and implementation services.

Vehicular UHF-AM Transceiver
UHF-AM Transceivers

The 225MHz to 400MHz band (Military UHF) is reserved for aeronautical and military radio communications. Morcom can supply radio transmitters and receivers in this band for use by authorized civilian and military applications.


Dittel Portable UHF-AM Transceiver Portable UHF-AM Transceiver

Of special interest is our FSG-7016 handheld, portable UHF-AM Transceiver. This compact, but rugged portable UHF unit made by Dittel is one of the only hand-held radios that operate over the complete 225-400MHz band in AM modulation. In addition to this, it is water and shock proof, capable of operating in the most extreme conditions. A favorite with air forces around the world, the FSG-7016 is ideal for use as a search and rescue radio, forward air control (FAC), and taxi-way operations. Please click here for the specifications of this unit . The FSG-7016 is currently in use with all the U.S. Forces (Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines), as well as with the military of allied countries. Morcom is proud to count the “Blue Angels” as one of our customers.


Base Station UHF-AM Transceiver

Base Station UHF-AM TransceiverFor base station applications, Morcom offers the DTR-100 (U) UHF-AM Transceiver. The DTR-100 (U) is a professional high performance unit which is available in single-channel or multi-channel versions for local or remote control applications. Covering the military UHF aviation band of 225-400MHz this radio can be supplied as a UHF Base Station with RF output power of 35 Watts.


Vehicular UHF-AM Transceiver

The VTR-100 is the only transceiver in the market specifically designed as a vehicular mobile UHF radio that can easily be installed in most vehicles. With a powerful 8 Watt RF carrier output, the VTR-100 will provide you with the range you need in the military 225-400 MHz band. A modern, compact design and compatibility with standard H-189 or H-250 style handsets this unit will provide you the flexibility you need at a price you can afford. Download the detailed specifications here.


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