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Morcom is one of the best sources for defense and security related electronic hardware. We can supply HF, VHF, and UHF tactical radios as well as military batteries and tactical battery chargers. Some of the systems and equipment we can supply are:

HF-SSB Radio Communications Systems
The HF radio is still the most desirable means for back-up communications networks in the military as well as for national emergencies or disaster relief. Morcom can supply complete HF-SSB base stations from 100W to 5,000W. If your need is for tactical-type portable transceivers we offer a complete range of models depending on your specifications, a typical HF-SSB radio transceiver will comply with the following specifications:Military Communications

  • 1.6-30 MHz
  • 100 Programmable Memory Channels
  • Ruggedized, Imersible
  • Manpack/Mobile/Base Configurations
  • 20/100/400/1000 Watts
  • Internal Automatic Antenna Tuner
  • Full B.I.T.E. Capability
  • Internal FED-STD-1045 ALE

VHF-FM Tactical Radios

VHF-FM Tactical RadiosVHF tactical radios operate in the 30 to 88 MHz band and provide voice and data connectivity to platforms and people moving on the battlefield. Typically, these units are compact and highly portable in order to support the exchange of voice communications and situational awareness data between at the platoon level and also between the platoon and higher level echelons of the land forces. Morcom has introduced the compact PRC-178A hand-held transceiver which is an entry level which is affordable but yet full of useful features such as: interoperability with standard issue radios such as the SINCGARS and the AN/PRC-77, computer programmable, transpeater operation, and optional encryption. Click here for the PRC-178A data sheet.

There is also a fully digital version of this radio which is the PRC-178D.


Tactical Battery Charger (Hand Crank Generator)Tactical Battery Charger (Hand Crank Generator)

When you operate in a demanding environment, where the lack of commercial AC power does not allow you to use conventional battery chargers, the FST-60 tactical battery charger (hand crank generator) is your solution to provide quick, dependable, power to re-charge your batteries independent of the time of day or availability of sunlight. With the FST-60 you can charge your batteries, quietly, and efficiently at any time of day or night. Morcom has supplied this generator for use with several tactical type batteries (BB-590, BB-2590) with excellent results. It can be used with any rechargeable battery that operates at 12 or 24 Volts DC. For more information click here.


MIB-2590 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (BB-2590 Replacement)

Our MIB-2590 is a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that has been specifically designed to meet the extreme requirements of rugged applications like those found in military operations. This battery pack is similar to the standard BB-2590 but does not have the built-in "State of Charge Display". Morcom does not supply the display because we have found that it is an additional point of potential failure for the battery. Our battery pack is compatible with the following radios: SINCGARS & ATCS (AN/PRC-104, 119) FALCON (AN/PRC-138 117) KY-57, MXF430 (V), AN/PSC-5, M22

It is a replacement for / compatible with: BB-2590, BB-590/U, BB-390A/U, BB-690/Y, BA-3590/U & BA-5590/U



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